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  • If you want the best team and the highest settlement amount then Patrick Block is the man to see

    Selecting the right medical malpractice lawyer is easy if you choose Patrick Block. He had my confidence within 15 minutes of the free consultation. He earned and kept my trust throughout the entire legal proceedings and I felt that he always held my best interests first. Patrick's paralegal Karli is awesome and I could always count on her for a prompt response to anything I needed answered or done. I was astonished at the reductions in my medical bills Patrick was able to negotiate after my settlement. Don't waste time with other malpractice lawyers. If you want the best team and the highest settlement amount then Patrick Block is the man to see.

    Apr 11, 2017
  • Righteous anger and determination in the face of unfair opposition and arrogance

    This quilt was made by Carol Jones for Patrick Block in appreciation for all the hard work you did for me before and during the trial. For believing me and standing with me when no one else did and for your righteous anger and determination in the face of unfair opposition and arrogance. May this quilt not only warm your body, but your heart as well. Thank you so much and God Bless.

    Oct 27, 2014
  • Patrick earned my trust AND admiration and I would recommend him (and his staff) to anyone

    I found Patrick Block to be an extremely honest and knowledgeable man who stands on principle, integrity and values. His tireless devotion and attention to detail in my case was a reward in itself. After over five years of hearings in District, Appellate and Supreme court he finished my suit with an unprecedented settlement and followed up with details that other attorneys would have either sloughed off, or referred to another attorney. Patrick earned my trust AND admiration and I would recommend him (and his staff) to anyone requiring stellar legal service.

    Jan 28, 2014
  • THANK-YOU for believing in me!

    I have this little story to tell you. It is open to interpretation but I prefer to call it Divine Intervention. While I am not “religious” in the sense of organized religion I do believe in a Higher Power. Probably the best way to say it is I am spiritual buy not necessarily religious, if that makes any sense. Ok, so you already know how hard I tried to find a lawyer to pick up my case but it wasn’t happening. I lost count. There are some I contacted and forgot who they were because you move on to the next. I tried to remember them all for Mr. Block when he asked but some I simply forgot who they were. But it was always, no, no, no or it didn’t work out. So now I am just days away from having my statutes of limitations expire and I had 3 large manila envelopes left. I went online and searched once again for attorneys and managed to find 3 names I hadn’t yet contacted so I ran off my letters and mad out the envelopes and asked Scott to drop them off a the PO on his way to work. Ten minutes before he was to leave I happened to find a 4th envelope that I overlooked and I thought I’ll try and get a 4th attorney before Scott has to leave. I’m feeling a little desperate at this time as I only had a few days left to find a lawyer that would actually say yes. With that last envelope while I was turning on the computer I said a little prayer. Please God, help me find a lawyer that will take my case. This is my last chance and I need your help now. So I Google malpractice attorneys once again for the umpteenth time and first name that pops up is Mr. Block’s office. In all my searches I had never seen the name before. I was short on time so I didn’t have time to really go over the website. Just read that medical malpractice is all they do and that is all I had time to see. I quickly addressed the envelope, ran off one more letter and sealed it up. Before giving it to Scott I said one more little prayer. Please Dear God, if nothing else at least please let this be the one. Let this be the one who says they will take it. I give the 4th envelope to Scott just in the nick of time and off he goes. So then in the next couple of days the rejections come in. No, no and no. Then Mr. Block calls. He is my 4th envelope, the one I prayed over. I’m pretty desperate and I am rambling on the phone. I don’t represent myself very well. The conversation ends with no commitment. I am devastated because I know that was my absolute last chance. Then the phone rings and it is Mr. Block again. He asks if I can be in Portland the next day with my papers and I say yes. You know the rest. To sum it up, you can write it off as just a coincidence but I truly believe the Higher Power was at work when it came to that 4th and last envelope. Thank you again for the work you did on my behalf but most of all THANK-YOU for believing in me and in my case. I realize in comparison to many people it was small potatoes but it was big to me. Thank you for seeing it through to the end. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I am moving on and looking ahead with a restored spirit!

    Nov 3, 2012
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